Organize a company outing for your staff!
Company outings

You have come to the right place for a company outing at Griffioen Outdoor in Amsterdam. With our various Outdoor and BMX activities you can go in all directions. We can make sure that your day is focused on Fun and / or Teambuilding.

Do you want to achieve a specific goal with your company outing? We are happy to think along with you to create the most suitable day for you.

Below are three example packages that you can choose from. (It is also possible to put together a package yourself in terms of activities and time frame) For information and reservations please contact us.


Team building package

• Collaborative activities: Here it is not only about physical exertion but also the thinking ability is tested.

• Collaboration at height: Are you able to reach a height of 8 meters with your colleagues?

• Building and sailing raft: A raft is built together with your team. A number of assignments will be carried out on the water.

From 10 people

This is a three hour package.

Price: €24.50 p.p. (incl. VAT)


Fun package

• BMX clinic: On our BMX track, a clinic will be provided under the guidance of one of our experienced BMX instructors. Will you end with a jump in the "Foampit"?

• Ziplining: During this activity you will climb into our tree house at a height of 10 meters. From here, our 100-meter zip line departs across the site.

• Canoe trip: Under the guidance of an instructor, you will depart in a single or two person canoe for a beautiful trip through nature.

From 10 people.

This is a three hour package.

Price: € 24.50 p.p. (incl. VAT)


Combi package (team and fun)

• Bamboo Building: Cooperation is central to this activity. Based on a construction drawing, your team will start to create a bamboo structure that is as high and sturdy as possible.

• Bmx Clinic or Ziplining.

• Raft building and sailing or canoe trip

From 10 people.

This is a three hour package.

Price: € 24.50 p.p. (incl. VAT)