Activities for adults

Are you and your friends, family or team looking for a fun activity? Then you've come to the right place. At Griffioen Outdoor we have a wide range of activities.


The activities can be used as a bachelor party or a friends outing.


You can choose from the following activities:

  • Canoeing
  • Building rafts and sailing
  • Building bamboo
  • Rope bridges over land and water
  • Teambuilding games
  • Ziplining
  • BMX Clinic
  • Make fire

*Scroll down to see an explanation of the various activities.


There are various packages with combined activities that you can choose from. In addition, you can also choose from various activities to organize a tailor-made experience.


Overview packages for adults

Sample package 1

Sample package 2 


Rope bridges

BMX clinic

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Teambuilding games



Raft building



The activities are available for small groups from 8 people to large groups of 100+ participants.


If you want to end the day with a snack and a drink, that is possible. Check out our Food and Drinks page for all the different options.


Below you will find a brief explanation of the various activities

Experience Amsterdam from a different perspective. Enjoy a beautiful piece of nature in the middle of our capital in a one, two or three person canoe on the water.


Building rafts:
Build your own raft with large tractor inner tubes, beams and rope. After a short explanation from the instructor, you and your team will take to the water after building a raft to carry out a series of assignments. Do you stay afloat?


Building bamboo:
Build the most beautiful structures with bamboo sticks and elastic bands, from small 3D triangles to a true pyramid or a very abstract work of art. Let your imagination run wild.


Rope bridges over land and water:
Climb and claw over our rope bridge course, first a practice round on land, or directly above the water? Can you keep yourself dry?


Teambuilding games:
During the team building games we have a series of physical and mental challenges. As one large team or in several small groups you challenge each other during mini games such as the 4 person sack race, the magic rope, the flying carpet or, for example, the calculator.


Do you dare to jump out of our 8 meter high tree house? After a secured climb into the tree, pairs will jump out of the tree house and you will race 100 meters over our site at high speed!


BMX clinic:
After putting on your shin, knee pads and a helmet, you are all set. We start with the basics on flat terrain. Once you've mastered this, we'll race over the hills and through the corners.
From low rollers to professional level ramps, our BMX track has it all. The challenge will be adjusted depending on the level of the group.


Make fire:
Are you one with the elements, can you make a good fire? Just like the ancient civilizations, you will have to make fire with simple instruments. Take the challenge. A rope hangs above a firepit, will you (be the first to) burn through the rope with your survival skills?